Shigeru Matsushima funeral 弔 Congratulations to Hirohisa Matsunuma for his "eyesight"

A funeral and farewell ceremony for cultural broadcaster Shigeru Matsushima [47 years old], who died of lung adenocarcinoma on the 23rd, was held in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture on the 28th.

About 100 people, including “Lions Nighter” commentator Hirohisa Matsunuma, Hakone Ekiden “2nd Mountain God” Ryuji Kashiwara, and TRF SAM who co-starred in the program. The Reds Akiyama outfielder, who had a close exchange, delivered a commemorative ball for the first hit in the open game on the 23rd. Matsunuma wrote, saying, "I can't sort out how to get into this season if I don't think that Matsushima, who has such a strong eye, is gone." The commander name is Shige Inamori.

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