SHIHO living in Hawaii "no people"

Model SHIHO, a 43-year-old resident of Hawaii in the United States, reported the local situation where a curfew was imposed due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

SHIHO updated Instagram on the 24th. He added a photo of a walk with his dog and said, "Hawaii is not allowed to go out until 4/30. Dogs are allowed to walk and have a break. But parks are not allowed …"

He continued, “No restaurants, no beaches, no people. Cars are not running very well, supermarkets are restricted, and there is a strict system of waiting at 1-meter intervals at the entrance. The nation, region, residents' solidarity and self-restraint He said, "Awareness is growing." He said, "Please take care of your health, and sincerely pray that Corona will be over as soon as possible."

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