Shimadzu Corona detection reagent kit,the saliva used for testing also

Shimadzu is 26 days, the company provided to the new corona virus test reagent,the specimen is saliva, it is also possible to use announced. Conventionally, the nasal mucous membranes, such as in which a sample of the virus were examined for the presence, in saliva specimen for PCR testing, and the mucous membrane comparable to the accuracy in the detection of the virus can be found. Next, the reagent of the inspection target in the saliva is also added.

【Here】Shimadzu Corporation,Corona measures such as science and technology strengthening in the 7 consecutive year of revenue and profit growth goal

Shimadzu products,”the new coronavirus detection reagent kit”. 4 on May 20 was released. Product into Ampdirect called technology is used for RNA purification using the sample directly from the PCR test is capable of features. Approximately 70 minutes of the virus in the presence or absence can be examined.

Such as the nose, the mucous membrane of the sample of virus infection to examine the conventional technique, taken during the infected person is coughing or sneezing, if secondary infection may provoke, from healthcare professionals to the risk of being pointed out. The Japan Medical Association proposed by Hokkaido University Hospital with the cooperation of saliva by the accuracy of the test is evaluated. As a result, the saliva sample as a virus detection accuracy is comparable to turned out to be,this announcement that led to.

Saliva PCR testing of the nasal mucous membranes, such as using a conventional PCR test and the same equipment can be done using. Accuracy favorably, the risk of secondary infections can be reduced for future testing opportunities are expected.

However 5 on 26 time points, a saliva sample and tests covered by the insurance of the subject is not. The same product is used such as the nose, the mucous membranes of the specimen and to do the inspection, if covered by the insurance of the subject.

Shimadzu products offered use,1 kit of 100 times of inspections. Since its launch 2000 kit or more is provided. Future demand is expected to grow from the initially month in 1000 of the kit with the goal of producing and the production 3000 kit to raise the time.

Reagent kit medical institutions to provide only in a drugstore, such as distribution and General of the private to get the tests it is not possible to perform. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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