Shimamura Musical Instrument talks about the popular electronic piano with Bluetooth, despite its compact size and piano performance.

Spring is a season when you want to try something new. For example, how about trying a piano? Many people think that it would cost money to actually buy a piano, but this time we will introduce an electronic piano that is easy to start with.

Immediately, Shimamura Musical Instruments' electronic piano sales record helped him to become one of the top 10 in the country, and I was taught by the amazing staff, Yuna Higashi, of the recommended electronic piano.

● Yuna Higashi

Higashi-san is one of the top 10 sales nationwide in the piano category!

He seems to keep his customer experience in mind while interacting with customers while utilizing his piano experience. Shimamura Musical Instrument LaLaport Ebina, where Higashi-san is the store manager, is focusing on providing easy-to-understand information even on the store's website.
  • Shimamura Musical Instruments LaLaport Ebina

LaLaport Ebina is a commercial facility directly connected to JR Ebina Station. Within walking distance from Odakyu Ebina Station. Because it is close to Ebina IC, there are also customers who come from far away as well as nearby.

The Shimamura Musical Instruments LaLaport Ebina shop is supported by a wide range of customers, including family members on weekends and business people and students returning from work on weekday evenings.

Proposing a piano that suits customers through dialogue

-What do you hear from adults who enjoy playing piano as a hobby among electronic pianos?

Higashi-san: Well, we are often asked about recommended manufacturers, so we are telling the characteristics of each manufacturer. But before that, there is something important.

The choice of musical instruments depends on whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your favorite tone, the song you want to play, and the scene in which you use it.

-How much do you budget?

Higashi: Many customers are considering it for around 100,000 yen. The difference between the performances of the electronic pianos sold at our store is 50,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 150,000 yen, and 200,000 yen.

If it is cheap, the touch of the keyboard will be lighter than that of an acoustic piano, and there will be a difference between the strength of pressing the keyboard when playing and the strength of the sound that comes out.
The weight of the keyboard is also important. If the keyboard is too light, it will have a strange character, and you may not be able to fully press the instrument when playing a grand piano. Also, if the keys are too heavy, they will be struck as if hit, making it difficult to produce beautiful sounds. If you practice on a solid keyboard with a certain weight, like a wooden keyboard, you will improve quickly.

In addition, cheap materials are slippery materials that are slippery, but as the price increases, the weight becomes closer to a wooden keyboard and the texture sticks to the finger.
To some extent, a keyboard with a solid piano keyboard is recommended. Please try the keyboard by all means.

-You can tell the difference in texture when you touch it. If it is not slippery, it seems easy to play even with fast movements.

Recommended one that achieves high quality even at an affordable price

Higashi: When choosing a piano, be sure to listen to the differences in sound. The difference is clear when comparing bass, but the depth of the sound is also different. This is because high-priced ones increase not only speaker performance but also number. The sound source itself is close to a grand piano, so it sounds well and has a solid feeling. Practice with a good instrument will increase your motivation.

— So that's it. You can see that the quality of the sound changes depending on the number of speakers, etc.

Mr. Azuma: Many working people take up less space and place importance on interiors. For those who like it, Casio's“Privia” “PX-S1000”is.

  • Because it is displayed on a wooden table, you can imagine a scene used at home. It seems that there are not a few people who buy a shelf and pedals for organizing music together. Also, if you are a small child, you can buy a foot stand

Since the operation unit is a touch panel, it is not noticeable when not in use. In addition, it is popular with customers who have demands for not being portable or taking up space because it is thin and compact. The other day, a nursery teacher was purchased to carry it for use in the garden.

-That's right. Please tell us a little more about the PX-S1000.

Higashi: There are 88 keys, and the keys are made of materials comparable to those in the price range of 100,000 yen or more.

Customers who are thinking about a keyboard with a price of 20,000 to 30,000 yen, saying "I do not have a place" or "I want to enjoy the piano as a hobby" say, "There is an electronic piano with good keyboard quality and space saving." If you introduce it, there are not a few people who buy "I like this!" Compared to playing with a keyboard, the difference between the keyboard touch and the sound seems to be attractive.

Also, if the customer asks, "Is there something more like a piano than a keyboard?"PX-S1000Is introduced.

There are other popular points. PX-S1000Bluetooth speakerIt can also be used as When you're not playing, you can enjoy your favorite music as a speaker.

  • Can be used as a Bluetooth speaker!

In general, Bluetooth speakers are often installed from electronic pianos that cost more than 150,000 yen, so I was surprised that they were equipped at this price.

-Are there many customers who are surprised at the price?

Higashi: That's right. You can buy an electronic piano with this amount!

Stylish body with a reputation for design

-At this store, you can see the PX-S1000 at the entrance.

Higashi: To make the styling and compactness easy to understand, we placed them on a woodgrain table and exhibited lighting and other items to create an image that would be used on a table. At the entrance, customers often stop by and touch. Looking at this platform, some customers have said, "I want this platform!"

PX-S1000Is one that can be recommended for those who play the piano as a child and want to enjoy it again, or for those who want to start playing the piano after growing up. Please try it at the store once.

— Thank you.

  • Brilliant red in new colors

  • If you want to know more about “Privia” “PX-S1000”Here

The shop we talked about today

Shimamura Musical Instruments LaLaport Ebina

Address: LaLaport Ebina 4F, 13-1 Ogimachi, Ebina-shi, Kanagawa
Business hours: 10: 00-21: 00
Holiday: according to facilities
Phone: 046-236-2180

[PR] courtesy of Casio Computer

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