Shimazu Aya's special performance canceled: influence of new corona

Osaka-Shinkabukiza announced on 25th that it will cancel the "Shimadzu Aya Special Performance" [April 3-18].

The convergence of the spread of the new coronavirus infection was not seen, and he said, "We have been forced to cancel the performance.

At the theater, the "March Special Project @ Kiyoshi Maekawa x Naomi Fujiyama", which was scheduled to open from March 1 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening, will be canceled on all dates until the 28th. The 29th “Junko Yagami-To Your Town Here We Go!” Has also been canceled.

The performance was also scheduled to be held as a 10th anniversary performance, but was canceled following both performances.

Ticket refunds will be posted on the official website of Shin Kabukiza.

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