"Shin, jump" cheers on the image of coach Hasegawa

Not only Japanese nationals! ! A gorgeous performance has further enlivened rugby fans. Panasonic [6th place last season], which has the largest number of Japan National Teams in the 19th World Cup [World Cup] in 19, won Kubota [7th place in the same season] 34-11.

About 18,000 cheers were heard each time a TMO video referral was used by referees to prevent rigorous play and misjudgment. On the two large screens at the venue, a video of Shin Hasegawa scrum coach [47], who contributed to Japan's top eight at the World Cup, jumping with a ball was played. Try on the mattress with the title "TMO Shin, Jump". From the audience who discovered it, there was even a call to "Shin-san".

Hasegawa played an active part in Suntory during the active era and participated in the World Cup in 1999 and 2003. After retiring from active duty, he studied abroad in France and created a scrum called "Japan's best" by Yamaha Motor. He became a representative coach in January 2016, and was loved by players and staff for his honest personality and enthusiastic guidance. Fans called out "Shin-san" and asked to shake hands and take photos. Contributing to the first eight strong advances, such as building a "Japanese style" scrum that sticks to the details of the foot position 1 cm and crossing with the world's best scrum in Ireland at the World Cup, etc. "Also.

Returned to Yamaha Motor, which he taught from December to 2016. The scoring of the scoring victory in the powerful Toyota Motor Games [31-29] on that day also contributed greatly to the opening win.

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