Shingo Katori produces murals, responding to the offer of a blueprint student

Shingo Katori [43] attended the unveiling ceremony of the mural "Be the Difference", which he produced at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo in response to an offer from students.

Drawn on a stainless steel panel about 2.5 meters high and 11.5 meters wide, Katori said, "It may be the largest in size [in previous work]." The theme of the work is "I want to hug the difference of each person." A broken heart is drawn in the center, and 100 large and small humanoid motifs showing diversity are drawn. Katori wrote, "When I couldn't recover from a broken heart, I expressed everyone's life with the love and help of everyone."

It took about three months from planning to completion, and it took 11 days to produce. "I drew it from a warehouse, but I also spent Christmas there," she recalled.

The work also incorporates Katori's playfulness. It also features an original character, a black rabbit, and a picture of Tokyo Tower, which I love and have always drawn. Katori said, "I love the city of Tokyo and have my own mural for the first time. This is a place where everyone can enter, so I will come to see you all the time."

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