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With the "Detective Conan Official App" packed with all the information of "Detective Conan" such as manga, stamps, and animation, "Shuichi Akai Special Feature vol.1" will be available for a limited time until Monday, January 6, 2020 It is in progress.

Also the episode at the first appearance!

In commemoration of the information disclosure of “ Theatrical Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet '', “ Shuichi Akai Special Feature vol.1 '' is an FBI investigator and an excellent name “ Silver Bullet '' Select episodes featuring "Shuichi Akai" who is also a great sniper.

Within the “Detective Conan Official App”, you can read all 4 episodes and 15 episodes for free once a day. In addition, general members can subscribe to the 29th volume "Mysterious Passenger" and one episode of each episode free of charge at any time after release.

<Select episodes featuring Shuichi Akai episodes>
1: Mysterious passenger (Volume 29, all 3 episodes)
2: A man from Chicago (Volume 32, 3 episodes)
3: Case of Shinichi Kudo NY (Volumes 34 and 35, 5 episodes)
4: Betrayal stage (Volume 90, 4 episodes)

Detective Conan Official App-1 episode updated every day! - ・ Seller: SHOGAKUKAN INC.
・ DL price when posting: Free
・ Category: Book
・ Capacity: 68.7 MB
・ Version: 1.3.8
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

(c) Aoyama Gosho / Shogakukan (c) CYBIRD

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