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"Osaka Station" has been added to the current location confirmation and route guidance utilizing the indoor positioning technology of the "Yahoo! MAP" application.

You can find your current location under the Shinjuku / Shibuya / Umeda (Osaka) station

It has a complicated structure that is called a “dungeon”Shinjuku Station / Shibuya Station / Umeda (Osaka) Station.

One of the reasons for getting lostIn the station yard where it is difficult to receive GPS, you can not confirm the current location with a smartphoneThat's right. If you are used to walking while checking on a smartphone map, it is a big problem that you can not find your current location.

However!な ら With Yahoo! MAP, you can check the current location and provide route guidance even in stations where it is difficult to receive GPS by using the indoor positioning technology built into the app.

▼ Your current location with indoor positioning technology is displayed in purple.

It is also a nice point that the route is displayed firmly inside the station.

For example, if you search for the route from the central exit of Osaka Station (to the Daimaru department store) to the grand front Osaka on the opposite side, it looks like this.

The position of the escalator is also displayed in detail.

As of January 2020, this function is available outside Osaka Station, at ticket gates at Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, and Shibuya Station, and at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY.

Why don't you use "Yahoo! MAP" to capture complicated real dungeons?

Yahoo! MAP-Yahoo Map-A map application with strong directions ・ Distributor: Yahoo Japan Corporation
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Navigation
・ Capacity: 112.0 MB
・ Version: 6.5.1
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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