Shinkoku Shinri Minamihara visits Fukuoka Prefectural Government "I'm really happy"

Kenji Midori, director of Shingoku Shin Kaikan, and Shuri Minamihara [21] of the Fukuoka branch paid a courtesy visit to the Fukuoka prefectural government on the 20th.

Nanbara won the first victory in the women's section of the 12th World Karate Championships, which decides the world champion of full contact karate with weight indiscriminate once every four years held in Tokyo last November. Reported.

Shingo Yamada, director of the Fukuoka Prefectural Resident Development and Prefectural Lifestyle Department, said, “The people who are from Fukuoka Prefecture are really amazing. Nambara received encouragement and stated, "I was disappointed with the runner-up last time. I have been working hard to become the best in the world for four years, so I am very happy to win the race." Midori said powerfully, "I couldn't enter the Tokyo Olympics, but in May I would like to showcase full-con karate in Osaka because there is a world competition by weight in Osaka."

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