Shinsuke Kasai Ana, Prime Minister Abe's Graduation Ceremony Remarks "Slow"

Former Fuji Television Shinsuke Kasai announcer [56], who has been hospitalized with malignant lymphoma, reports that his second son's graduation ceremony has been canceled, and criticizes that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's remarks on the graduation ceremony are "slow". did.

Kasai Anna updates her blog on the 15th. At a conference on the 14th, Prime Minister Abe stated that he said, "I would like you to take measures to ensure safety and implement it." Regarding the graduation ceremony, "Prime! It's late. Is already canceled yesterday, March 13. Diplomas have arrived at my house today in a letter pack at the post office, and now the Prime Minister's remarks are more influential than ever. I hope there are schools where the ceremony can be revived, but I think that many schools in the world have already canceled their graduation ceremony. I think we have a graduation ceremony … "

The second son who came to visit the sick room said, "I wanted to go out. I wanted to do it. It was the last graduation ceremony for students." Looking back on the difficulties of his second son who was sick from an early age and his wife who supported it, "The second son and wife should be the first to know that there were really various" fights "and that they could grow up to this point. So they both wanted to experience the graduation ceremony properly, which is a shame because the graduation ceremony was cancelled. "

He continued, "On the night that the graduation ceremony was supposed to be held, my wife handed my second son a self-made diploma together with my eldest son, and they seemed to have done their own graduation ceremony. ", Released photos of his wife's second son's graduation ceremony. "I'm glad. I was happy while I was in the hospital room. Congratulations on your graduation."

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