Shinsuke Kasai Announced in the blog "Discharge decision decided within this month"

A former Fuji Television-based freelance announcer Shinsuke Kasai [57], who was admitted in December last year to announce that he had "diffuse large B-cell lymphoma", will leave the hospital today. I understood.

On the 25th, in his blog “Kasai TIMES“ Life Pramai Zero is just right ””, he posted a video with a sketchbook that he wrote, “I will be discharged within this month … it will be difficult from now on”. "I was able to leave the hospital this month," he reported. "From here, Shinsuke Kasai's" Battle against Corona "begins for the first time," he posted. "I will jump out of this room that was once aseptic for the first time in a world where the virus is spread," and the result of consultation with my family was "In-home # self-lockdown" and the new Corona In order to prevent the infection of the virus, he made clear that he was prepared to stay in his room, avoiding contact with his family at home.

Furthermore, on Instagram, which was updated on the same day, he said, "I have been treated with a tight anti-cancer drug for a long period of time, so my immune system is weakened." "In a nutshell, I have a patience." "I was determined.

◆ Shinsuke Kasai Born on April 12, 1963 [Showa 38] in Tokyo. After graduating from the Waseda University Faculty of Commerce, he joined Fuji Television in 1987. A sub caster of "Good morning! Nice day" from April 1998, and "Information presenter Tokudane!" From April 1999. The current regular is CS Fuji "Auntie !!". There are three men, 25, 21, and 16 years old, who were married to a former announcer Masumi Chihara of TV Tokyo who married in 1990.

▼ Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma A type of malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that develops from B cells in lymphocytes. It is classified as "intermediate grade" in which the disease progresses on a monthly basis. It is the most frequent type, accounting for 30 to 40% of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in Japan. It is often asymptomatic but can occur in any organ throughout the body. Typical systemic symptoms include fever, night sweats, and weight loss. In the case of central nervous system [brain] primary, sensory deficits and paralysis, and in the case of gastric primary bleeding and ulcerative lesions are seen. It is usually found in a rapidly growing lump in one or several lymph nodes or other lesions.

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