Shinsuke preaching to Shintaro Yamada, "Do not spend money"

Singer and talent misono [35] uploaded a video of former talent Shinsuke Shimada [63] on her YouTube "misono channel" on the 13th. It was shot in Osaka on the 11th, and Mr. Shimada's video was the first since she retired in August 2011 because of "black dating" with gangsters.

Misono, Shintaro Yamada [33] and Mr. Shimada who appeared as "good evening" looked back over eight and a half years since retirement, "I have a healthy day, fishing, golfing, muscle training, and so on. This year I am 64 years old. "

Mr. Shimada reunited with Yamada and preached. "I preached not to spend money. I'll spend this money more and more. Old Okinawans and people [laughs]. Even though I'm not on TV, I have a lot of income, but I probably use it all."

Shimada says that while paying a fee, Yamada said, "When I went to" Emi Channel "during this time, Mr. Uemuma [Emiko] said," I don't work much, but I get so much. " Laughed, "Where is your story worth the money?"

He pointed out misono and Yamada as saying, "Two older sisters have gathered." Misono laughed and answered, "Yamada and Kumi Koda" answered, and Shimada said, "Thanks for living in the entertainment world."

Yamada says, "I have a big brother too. Is Shun Oguri amazing?" Said Yutaka's husband, Shun Oguri, and said, "If you run out of work, you and Shun Oguri. I'll live as your servant. " When Yamada said, "I, my servant, number one," Shimada laughed, "This guy, my sister's money, park is alive."

misono updated his blog on the 12th, entitled "Miracle that Occurred on 2020.1.11. Thanks to Shintaro Yamada and Reunited with Shinsuke Shimada & Shooting YouTube !?" I was

misono had a job in Osaka this month and joined her husband Nosuke at a bar with her friend Yamada. At that time, Mr. Shimada was also present to shoot the video.

Shimada-san suggested "let's shoot YouTube" and said that he had shot about 40 minutes of video. Mr. Shimada said, "Because I can upload without cutting," "I am angry and I take full responsibility."

While misono is active as a singer, she breaks out as a bastard in Fuji TV series "Quiz! Hexagon 2", where Shimada-san has been moderating since 2007. He was a member of the Hexagon Family.

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