Shizuoka Asahi / Kubo Enka Ana becomes a new caster

Shizuoka Asahi Television "Totally clear! Shizuoka Prefectural News" [Monday to Friday at 6:15 pm], a caster from Madoka Kudoka [28], who has been a caster since June 6, has visited the Nikkan Sports Shizuoka branch office recently. Machiko Hirose Ana [32], who will be giving birth to the first child and leave the company this spring. "Because of Mr. Hirose, who is loved and well-known in the prefecture, I'm worried. I'll do my best so that everyone will be recognized in the future."

TV Kochi, who worked three and a half years, was in charge of news programs for nine months in 2018. "I want to go to cover every day and learn more about Shizuoka. In addition to my role as a news reader, I want to talk to reporters so that I can understand the background of the news and make ingenious comments." Announcing Kazuto Ishida, a 50-year-old announcer, encouraged him to be a caster who could convey the thoughts of reporters.

◆ Madoka Kubo Born on December 13, 1991 [Heisei 3] in Okinawa Prefecture. Grew up in Osaka and is a prefectural department of Kitano-Kobe University. He started playing soccer in kindergarten, became familiar with track and field jumps, softball, handball, dance and sports. After serving as an announcer on TV Kochi, he entered the entertainment office "St. Force" in September 2018, and since April last year has been a contract announcer for Shizuoka Asahi TV. Blood type O.

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