Shizuoka Asahi TV Yui Miyazaki Ana "Doctor X" appearance

Shizuoka Asahi Television's Rei Miyazaki announcer [25] will make an extra appearance as a reporter in episode 9 of the TV Asahi drama “Dr. In the press conference scene attended by Daimon [Ryoko Yonekura] and Shigekatsu Sakuma [Toshiyuki Nishida], he was seated in the middle of the front row of the press seats. There was no dialogue, but after acting instruction, Yuji Kuto [Ryudo Uzaki] shouted “Care!

“I think it's so difficult to shoot a drama! I think the press conference scene was on air for a few minutes, but it took more than 3 hours to shoot. “ I also talked to us as an extra, and the atmosphere at the site was softened. ''

Report on the infiltration of the shooting site on the 12th broadcast information program “Tobikiri! Shizuo” [4:45 pm]

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