Shizuoka's first discontinuation of high school in history

The Shizuoka Prefectural High School Athletic Federation announced on the 11th that the prefectural high school as a whole, which has been postponed until now, considering the current spread of new coronavirus infection, is discontinuing for the first time in history. It has been held 67 times by the end of last year and has never been canceled.

The reason for discontinuation is as follows. [1] Concerns about the health and safety of participating athletes and those involved in the tournament cannot be dispelled [2] Due to the suspension of school activities, club activities are severely limited and competition is lacking It is predicted that doing so will lead to accidents and injuries. [3] It is unclear when the situation will be normalized, and it will not be possible to secure sufficient infection prevention measures for the event.

The Federation also mentions the future. Assuming that the spread of infection will be converged and that school education activities including club activities can be safely carried out, as a place to demonstrate the results of the training of the third year students, the third year students at each sports organization and each specialized department When holding and considering a competition where participants can participate, they will consider co-sponsored cooperation.

The high school nationwide this summer, which was scheduled to be distributed in 21 prefectures, had been canceled.

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