Sho Arashi Sakurai gives up on performance in Beijing

Sho Arashi Sakurai [38] will appear live on the cast on Nippon Television "news @ zero" [Monday-Thursday 11:00 pm, Friday 11:30 pm], and will be held on this day due to the spread of the new coronavirus. He commented on the performance in Beijing, China, where he gave up.

The program featured the new coronavirus from the beginning and also reported that Arashi's performance was canceled. A statement from the Johnny's Office, which announced that the event was canceled this afternoon, also revealed that the concert was scheduled to be held at the Beijing International Stadium [commonly known as the Bird's Nest], which was the main venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Was.

Sakurai said, “As announced last November, we were preparing daily for a concert at the Beijing National Stadium, a so-called bird's nest. I feel that the fans have to give up. "I'm thinking of a bowel." Looking back on seeing the opening ceremony of the Olympics at the same venue for the first time in 2008, he said, "I was really looking forward to being able to perform at that place. I keep thinking everyday and hope for a convergence as fast as possible. "

The cancellation was announced on the official website of Johnny's Office on the afternoon of the 17th, and a message video from members to local fans was released on Chinese version Twitter "Wabo".

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