Sho Ikushima "I'm so excited" Encourage Ebino to face Nasu River

Dancer and actor Sho Ikushima [34] acted as a ring announcer for “SOUL IN THE RING CLIMAX” at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on the 8th.

Kickboxer Ezo [28 = Ihara Dojo Headquarters] and twin brother Ego [28 = Ihara Dojo Headquarters] who face the strongest decision match with “God” Nasukawa Tenshin [21] on the stage of Omisoka RIZIN Called up both players in the “Wind God and Thunder God Exhibition Match”.

The two belong to the Ikushima Planning Office, where Sho also belongs, Hiro's free announcer Hiroshi Ikushima [68]. Sho said, “I've been watching Samurai's game for three years, but I can send it out clearly. I'm really looking forward to seeing the orthodox style of the New Japan Kick, which will work on the RIZIN ring,” Ale said.

The exhibition match between Samurai and Samurai was originally scheduled for 3 minutes and 2R, but Shinichi Ihara, Chairman [68] of Ihara Dojo of his gym intruded. “I have a big miso and I ’m serious, so I ’ll stop it today.” Chairman Ihara himself held a public sparkling with Tsukuda, and received a kite from a crowded fan.

Tsuji said, “I had no dream of a battle on the hinoki stage. It was a good opportunity to convey the charm of kicks to everyone in Japan. I will do my best.”

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