Sho Sakurai "Ensuring Your Safety" Arashi May National Concert Postponed

It was revealed on the 14th that the concert "Arafes" that Arashi was planning to hold at Tokyo National Stadium on May 15th and 16th was postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. It was announced on the "Johnny's Net" site of Johnny's office.


On the fan club site, a comment video shot by five people was posted separately. After the greetings by leader Satoshi Ohno [39], Sho Sakurai [38] cut out "I'm here to inform you," and commented on "Arafes" "It's a thought of the intestine, but it's postponed to ensure everyone's safety. I will do it. "

Arashi has announced that it will suspend its activities at the end of this year. “Arafes” will be the first performance by an independent artist to be held there since the renewal of the national stadium, and was a big event in the pre-pause last year. The date after the postponement is undecided, but it is expected to be held within the year before the suspension of activities. It will be announced once the details are decided.

It is said that more than 80,000 people were mobilized at the same place during the live performance, and the people involved were forced to make a difficult decision. Arashi is currently serving as "NHK Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Broadcast Special Navigator". The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Organizing Committee announced that "it also serves as confirmation of various operations at the opening and closing ceremony site," and it was decided that the "Arafes" was held. .

Arashi makes new attempts one after another, thinking of fans staying at home while self-restraint and cancellation of events and live performances continue. From November of this month, the official YouTube channel started free release of live images of the 5 major dome tours. Jun Matsumoto [36] said, "We are discussing whether we can deliver content that fans can enjoy, and we are starting to move!" As a national idol group, we will continue to do our best for our fans.

It was also announced that other groups of the Johnny's office would stop performing. The postponement / suspension period of the performances hosted by the office has been extended until May 31st. Kazuya Kamenashi [34] and Tomohisa Yamashita [35] special unit "Kame to Yama P" in Kyocera Dome Osaka performance, Kis-My-Ft2 Nagoya Dome, Saitama / Metlife Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka performance, Sexy Zone The performances of NEWS, Johnny's WEST and others have also been cancelled.

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