Sho Sakurai's ZERO appearance suspension “Slightly higher than normal heat”

Arashi Sho Sakurai suspended the appearance of "news zero", a Japanese television series that regularly appears on the 27th. It was said that he took great care because his body temperature was slightly higher than normal temperature.

At the beginning of the program, Sakurai appeared on the phone. When asked by Yumiko Yuuka, Sakurai said, "I'm sorry. When I went to that place, I measured my body temperature, and it was a little higher than normal heat. I haven't changed my physical condition at all. I think that the choice of taking care is more important than the choice of overdoing it, and I am sorry, but I have taken this form. " "I have no problems with my physical condition, and I would like to go from now on, but in the unlikely event of an accident, I made it into this shape," he continued.

“I'm relieved to hear that I'm in good shape, but thank you for making that choice. Please make a decision not to spread the infection,” said Sakurai. I'm sorry, but I thought about that first and did that. "

Mr. Sakurai responded with a cheerful voice, "I can not fill Mr. Sakurai's hole, but I will do my best with the staff. Please take care of it carefully and relax slowly", "I will see it from home" It was

Sakurai is the Monday caster of the show.

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