Shochiku Young's Top Stimulates “Tarachine” Milk Boy Champion

Shochiku Performing Arts' Young Decision Battle “Kado King-Who is the most interesting Ichichan Shochiku Young !?” was held in Kakuza, Shinsaibashi, Osaka on the 28th, and “Tachine” formed last February shines as the first champion. He revealed that he was inspired by the milk boy who won the Grand Prix.

"Tarachine" was a combination of SAITA [28], an eighth-year artist, and Kota Kusayama [29], a seventh-year artist, standing at the top of 50 pairs. Kusayama is a highly educated entertainer from Kyoto University. In the first round, his son's athletic meet raised his place with his father betting money and passed the first place.

This year's M-1 Grand Prix lost the quarterfinals. The winning milk boy was the same venue in the third round of Kyoto and Gion Kagetsu.

Kusayama said that Milkboy's victory was "I did not anticipate, but I felt a thick wall", but said, "There are people who win near, far away, but it was not enough to imagine. I want to do that, "said the inspired victory of Milkboy.

Kusayama says, "I was disappointed in the quarterfinals for both the M-1 and the King of Cont. Become a King and do my best with this." SAITA also enthusiastically said, "I will have to go next year!"

This day's moderation will be performed by Shochiku's senior performers, Yupiko Hamaguchi [47] and TKO Takemoto [48]. Hamaguchi recalled, "I was disappointed that I was asked" Shochiku hasn't come out recently.

"In the prize race, I saw" I'm so embarrassed to celebrate in such a place, so I peeled it off "after seeing" Three times breakthrough "affixed to the corner of Shinjuku," said Hamaguchi. It is indispensable to step up the number of young people to grow. "Yoshimoto is stepping on the number of places. Shochiku is not easy, but I want you to be stimulated by this and work hard," he said.

Kimoto said, "I don't know if Shochiku entertainers have little chance to fight with laughter or are avoided, but sometimes they should continue to play in such a place to fight."

This time, it will be broadcast on Sky A of CS broadcast next spring.

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