Shogo Imamura Prize for Eiji Yoshikawa Literary Newcomer

A novel by the writer Shogo Imamura (35), "The Eighth Eye Spear" (Shinchosha) was awarded the 41st Eiji Yoshikawa Literary Rookie Award on the 2nd.

In the battle of Shizugatake where Toyotomi Hideyoshi fought against Shibata Katsuie, seven members of the small family (Kiyomasa Kato, Masanori Fukushima, etc.) who were active were praised as "Shichigatake Shichizai (spear)". Although seven spears were not counted, there were those who were deeply involved in these seven and connected loosely. The story was that it was Sakichi and later Mitsunari Ishida.

The award is a literature award established in 1980, sponsored by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Eiji Yoshikawa National Cultural Promotion Association and sponsored by Kodansha. The winners will be awarded a prize prize (shohai) and a supplementary prize of 1 million yen and a table clock.

Imamura, who heard the award report at his home in Kyoto, was pleased, "No matter how many times I experienced it, the award was exciting. The moment I heard it, I made a guts pose." "I'm looking forward to how my sentence will change with this award," she said.

Initially, she was planning to wait for a bowl of bowling inviting publishing officials and friends in Tokyo, but she stopped at home due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Imamura was born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1984. He won the 7th Historical Artists Writers Club / Newcomer Award for Newcomers in 2018 for his debut work "Hokuchotori @ Hashu Rag Tobi-gumi" (Shodensha Bunko). In the same year, she won the 10th Haruki Kadokawa Novel Prize for "Dojin" (later renamed "Kami no Kami" and made a book from Haruki Kadokawa Office). Last year, "Eighth Eye Spear" was ranked number one in the "Weekly Asahi" history and period novels.

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