Shohei Ohno hats off… Korea / Ahn “Stronger than expected”

In the men's 73-kilometer final, the 2016 World Champion Anchang Lin [Korea], who lost to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics [Olympics] gold medal Shohei Ono [28 = Asahi Kasei] in 2016, took off the hat of the strongest champion. "I've been studying all the time, but I have no chance. It's stronger than everyone thinks."

He dropped out of the University of Tsukuba as the third person in Japan and became the Korean national team. I suffered from neck and ankle troubles last summer. He rounded his head himself in January, the year of the Olympics. "It was troublesome to cut my hair. I don't have much time to cut my hair," stressed the Olympic mode. "The Tokyo Olympics have a special feeling. I am a representative from Korea and I am a strong representative in Japan. .

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