Shohei Ohno, Olympics rich in the all-one win finals advance

In 2006, Shohei Ohno [28 = Asahi Kasei], a 73-kg gold medal for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics men, advanced to the finals with five straight wins since the first round of the second round. Regardless of whether the finals were won or not, the Olympic team for the second consecutive year was rich in content without complaints. In the finals of the 2018 Asian Games, after a fierce battle of over 11 minutes, he will face the 2018 world champion Anchang Lin [Korea]. Ono has positioned the Tokyo Olympics as his second culmination, saying, "The Rio Olympics were overwhelming, but the Tokyo Olympics will win with absolute strength."

The women's 63-kilometer class, Mirai Tashiro of the Rio Olympics [Komatsu] and the 70-kilometer women's class, 17 and 18, the world queen Chizuru Arai [Sumitomo Mitsui Marine] also advanced to the finals. Takanori Nagase [Asahi Kasei] of the men's 81 kg class and the Rio Olympics bronze medal lost to Georgia players in the second round of the first round.

This year's tournament is the 9th class for men and women, with the first-place representative. Based on the results, it is expected that more than one Olympic team will be decided by the All-Japan Judo Federation Strengthening Committee held in Tokyo on the 27th.

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