Shohei Taguchi of TV Tokyo retires, "I want to be a nerd."

Announcing the TV Tokyo Shohei Taguchi [28] announced on the 19th that he will leave the station at the end of March. It was reported in the work distribution service "note".

Taguchi Ana reports, "I will retire from TV TOKYO, who served five years on March 31, 2020." Reasons for deciding to retire are "I want to be a geek" and "Go to Waseda Business School". He is currently in charge of sports such as live commentary, but is also known as an announcer who has a deep knowledge of "otaku culture" such as animation and games. He is aiming to obtain an MBA at Waseda Business School while engaging in work that takes advantage of his specialty.

“ I have an adventure of steel and want to turn my interest in many things into an experience, '' said Taguchi Ana.“I will make an effort as a geek who works hard despite being unhappy. "I am enthusiastic.

Taguchi Ana joined the department in 2015. Responsible for sports programs such as live broadcasts. At the STAGE: 0 high school student e-sports tournament hosted by the department, he was involved in the launch while also serving as an announcer and event business.

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