Shoko Nakagawa "I was desperate for a ruling that beat the bereaved"

Talent and singer Shoko Nakagawa [34] has ruled that the boys' parents committed suicide in 2011 by a second-year junior high school boy for suicide due to bullying, and appealed for damages to former classmates. "I was desperate for a ruling that beat the bereaved."

At the Osaka High Court, Judge Hiroyuki Samura acknowledged the causal relationship between bullying and suicide, as was the case in the court decision in February last year. Judging that there was negligence that could not be supported, the necessity of negligence offset was determined. He changed the district court ruling, which ordered two former classmates to pay a total of about 37.5 million yen, and ordered them to pay a total of about 4 million yen.

Nakagawa mentioned the ruling on Twitter on the 29th. "Protecting and blaming the assailant, you can't have hope in a world like this." "It's like saying that it's bad to be done, and that the victim has negligence. The bullying is a crime that can kill people. The criminals are protected, the side of the dead is protected in this way. Spelled.

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