Shoko Nakagawa, the father who looks back because it is now "I always hated until the first live"

Shoko Nakagawa released the album “RGB -True Color-” for the first time in about five years on Wednesday, December 4th. The album also includes a co-lyric song “Someday Somewhere” compiled by Lyrics based on a fragment of lyrics left by his father, Katsuhiko Nakagawa, who died in 1994. The second of the three series interviews is about the memories of the dead father that can be looked back on now.

This time, the song “Someday” was created, and I decided to draw the picture of the CD jacket myself.

I happened to have a story about the disposal of the relics at my father's home this year, but I was surprised to see so many pictures and lyrics drawn by my father.

I was sure that many things were left behind, but until then I was afraid to see them. When I witnessed it, there were sketches and colored marks with drawing brushes on drawing paper, and I wrote lyrics and words as well as pictures. That came out for several boxes of cardboard.

Recently, I was drawing pictures digitally, but after seeing it, I thought it was important to leave a living proof as a shape. So I wanted to leave the original picture, so this time I drew a picture of the jacket on paper and I'm glad that the CD remains in shape. I think that the picture book and tote bag that come with the benefits of the limited edition “Akaban” have become adorable as collection items, and it would be nice to have them at hand.

As for the jacket, “Green board” drew childhood, “Akaban” was adolescence, and “Aoban” drew the present and future.

I had almost no photos of my childhood and adolescence, but there were a lot of my childhood photos at my father's home. I don't remember it because I was a child, but there are many pictures of traveling with my father holding hands. When I looked at it, I remembered the memory I had forgotten.

I thought that innocently painting and everything around me was precious like a jewel. It may be messy from other people's perspectives, but there are treasures for me. I drew a lot of such things.
From the left, the green board [First Press Limited Edition], the red board [Limited Edition], the blue board [Normal Edition]

The background of childhood and adolescence includes a message that you want to go straight to what you like. In August of this year, I published a book saying "You are bullying, you're bullied!", But it was a chance to connect with junior high school students and high school students through programs and SNS. Sometimes I actually meet and talk.

There are children who are very worried, children who are enjoying their youth, and various children. I myself was a type that squeezed a lot, so I was very worried about adolescence.

I thought it was a memory I wanted to lose until the first half of my twenties, but what I found at that time was my current food and later helped me. It may have been hard to think of it, but I think it was good that there was that era. And it was nice to be alive.

The amusement park in the background of “Akaban” was drawn based on memory and YouTube, where it is now destroyed and does not exist. It is Korakuen Yuenchi. Because it became Tokyo Dome City and became a different thing. In front of that is the old red Marunouchi line. In “Aoban”, I drew the present and the future, but I heard that my favorite Nakano Sunplaza is finally going to be destroyed.

The fluff that I have in the right hand in "Green board". I wrote the song “RGB” which became the album name myself, but there is a passage that says “I got on the wind with fluff”. I looked at the picture from my father's relics that I talked about earlier and remembered that I had gathered fluff.

My father sang songs, and as an unusual voice actor for anime, he also played plays. I think that it was very similar to me when I was doing multiplayer. I still feel like I'm looking for my footprints every month because I've been saying “I have met my dad” and “I have worked with my dad”.

Like the Disney movie “Remember Me,” I think that even if I lose my body, I feel that I will always be with you. So, while looking at the fragment of the lyrics written by my father, I thought that I could do something. Around that time, the story of the album came out, so I wanted to make one song. So I put all the lyrics together and added my lyrics.

The words “This thought, get in the wind” in the lyrics are also a father's tombstone, and they were written on colored paper and given to important people before they died. The autograph came out and I heard it since I was a child, but I wonder if I can add some melody. So, when I got the melody from Mr. Walpis Carter, the leading creator in my twenties, it became a song that I loved so much.

Even when I met this song, I think it was worth the wait for 5 years. I think that about 30 years have passed since my father wrote this lyrics, but the words go beyond the time, riding in the wind with my voice and reaching various people. In addition, I would like to deliver the thoughts on this song to the next generation and someday my children, and I want you to listen to the important people.

There are so many lyrics and photos left behind by my father. As a small dream now, drawing is my favorite thing for a lifetime, so I hope I can do a solo exhibition with my father someday. For that, I would like to draw more of what remains as the original, not digital.

Actually, I didn't like my father until the first time I lived. There was also that my mother raised me alone, but at the time of adolescence, I was dissatisfied because I was not in this world that “ I was blamed by my father '' .

I also read my father's rumors on the internet that I don't know if they were true or lie, and I was shocked to think that it was all true at the time because it was the early days of the internet. So I was working while thinking that it had nothing to do with my father, but my first live performance was by chance at a place where my father had sang. When I was watching the light on the stage, I knew that the ice was melting.

The venue was Shibuya Public Hall, and I was happy that my father was able to live there, so the tension increased and the first song dive into the audience. So he hit a hard chair, broke his ribs and was taken to the hospital, and the live was canceled [laughs].

I'm thankful that my father's things are in the blood now and that's why I want to continue singing. I hope my father listened to “someday someday” in the sky. This song is a message of love from a person who has died in heaven.
Nakagawa Shoko
▽ Shoko Nakagawa 5th album "RGB-True Color-"
Shokotan's fifth original album released on December 4 for the first time in about five years. Many tie-up songs that have been involved in the past five years, including the anime “Pocket Monster XY” ending theme “Dori Dori”, are recorded. Haruomi Hosono, Sachiko Kobayashi, Hyadain and Denpagumi.inc Various artists and creators such as Miki and P participate in the collaboration.

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