Shooting star Chuei infected with corona

It was revealed on the 8th that a comedy duo, the shooting star Chuei [42], was infected with the new coronavirus. Announced on the official website by the office.

At the same site, regarding Chuei, "We confirmed a fever on the night of August 5, and underwent a PCR test under the guidance of the hospital on the following day on August 6, and the infection was found today on August 8." Report the background. Currently, "I am waiting for instructions from the public health center, and I have no symptoms of abnormal taste or feeling sick, and I am in a normal state after 7 days."

Shinichiro Takigami, the manager in charge, is also undergoing PCR testing, and the results will be revealed on the 10th. Both are waiting at home, and they are in good physical condition.

As shooting stars, the current TV program "Del Sata" [Saturday 6:30 am], Gifu Chan's radio program "Shooting Star Kids School" [Sunday 10 am], Tokai Radio "Shooting Star no Tsujio!" [Saturday] Regular performances such as 11:00 pm].

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