Shorter and wider than the first generation. Second generation debuted at 185ps | Normal previous term savanna RX-7 GT-X 2

Real sports glory that continues to evolve utilizing the rotary engine
FC3S Savanna RX-7 previous term

In 1985, the middle of the 1980s, the second generation FC3S Savanna RX-7 appeared. The first generation [SA22C] was a light weight sports car, whereas the FC3S aimed to be a full-fledged sports car. The style of the two-door coupe has been greatly refined since the first generation, but by increasing the overall width by 20 mm and shortening the overall length by 10 mm, it has become a packaging that draws higher exercise performance while securing the space for 4 passengers. I was

エ ン ジ ン The installed engine is, of course, Mazda's world-class rotary engine, a newly developed 13B type [654cc x 2]. In addition, the domestic specification has a lineup of turbos only with an intercooler, and boasts a maximum output of 185ps, boasting a potential worthy of being called real sports.

Furthermore, a minor change was made in April 1989, and the rear combination lamps were changed from square to round, and the seats and meters were redesigned. At the same time, the engine will be upgraded from 185ps to 205ps by improving turbines and other parts to keep up with the rival's high power competition.

There are four grades: the low-priced GT, the standard GT-R, the GT-X equipped with a viscous LSD and an aluminum bonnet [later model], and the luxurious GT Limited. In addition, the 2-seater high-spec special specification "Anfini Series" was released, and in August 1987 the "cabriolet" was added.

The luggage space is provided with an X-shaped belt for fixing the load.

The genuine speaker is mounted on the upper part of the rear strut, and the upper part has a mesh cover.

There is a lamp on the right side of the rear gate.

Hachimaru Hero vol.12 December 2009 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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