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Shoulder belt cushion “ Dr.relief '' makes carrying heavy luggage more comfortable-Engadget Japan

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The "Dr.relief" shoulder belt cushion can be used for most shoulder bags, backpacks, etc.

An air cushion that can reduce the burden on the shoulders.It is composed of 27 air cells, and the air spreads inside,

It fits your body shape and gently wraps your body. Since there is a gap between the air cushions, it has good breathability and does not get damp even in midsummer.

・ A photographer who always has heavy equipment

・ Office workers who commute to work with many devices and documents

・ Mothers who have a heavy physical burden of raising children and shopping

I definitely recommend it!

Student bag, backpack, office worker's bag, cameraman's camera equipment. .. ..

We spend a lot of time loading shoulders and body over heavy loads.

"Dr.relief shoulder pad cushion" has been developed to reduce the load on your body as much as possible.

Heavy luggage affects a wide range of age groups, from children to adults.

Before you know it, the burden on your body and mind may increase.

Photographers often hear that they carry heavy luggage with them when they go for a shoot.

Especially, people who often carry heavy parts such as multiple interchangeable lenses on their shoulder bag using a shoulder type camera bag and move for a long time, or feel uncomfortable posture often hear that they hurt their shoulders. In addition, you may continue to shoot with an unreasonable system, and as a result you may develop your hips to the fullest.

We recommend Dr.relief's belt cushions so that you can shoot with peace of mind.

Smartphones, chargers, laptops, conference materials, product samples,

I think there are quite a few office workers and office workers who commute to work with a lot of things.

Actually, heavy luggage not only adversely affects the body but also increases stress.

According to a survey, more than 80% seem to get frustrated if their luggage is heavy during commuting.

Let your body and soul feel relaxed and free from the stress of luggage!

The mother has a heavy burden from the time of pregnancy, and while doing the housework and shopping while taking care of the baby 24 hours after giving birth,

The burden on the body will be greater than before delivery.

If you put Dr.relief's belt cushion on the hug string, you will surely have an easier life.

From November 2017 to May 2018, Taisho University conducted a survey on the weight of school bags for 91 elementary school students in the 1st to 6th grades.

As a result, the average of all grades was 5.7 kg, and the heaviest was over 11 kg.

According to experts, the recent back pain is getting younger,

It is said that even if you carry something heavy on your back even temporarily, it may affect the shape of your shoulders, hips, and spinal column, which may adversely affect the growth of your child.

I would like to reduce that burden as much as possible.

Dr.relief's shoulder belt cushion is made of 27 air cells,

As well as decompression, it is breathable because it is in the shape of a dimple, and it supports most bags from a wide width.

Dr. relief consists of 27 air cells,

The air is spread throughout.

If one air cell is pushed in, the air will expand to the other air cell and expand.

In this way, the belt conforms to the body shape and fits.

Normally, when carrying a backpack or shoulder bag, the load is concentrated on one point of the shoulder,

In the case of Dr. relief, the air cushion fits the body and distributes the force to the whole body,

You can relieve the stress on your shoulder like you used to.

There is a gap between the air cells, and air enters from there, so

It has much better breathability than ordinary belts and maintains a comfortable temperature.

One of the features of Dr. relief is that the air is not fixed but can be put in by yourself.

It is possible to adjust the air pressure.

Whether you like hard or soft, you can adjust the degree to your liking.

The maximum width of Dr. relief is 9.6 cm, and a belt of about 8 cm can be used without problems.

If you use it every day, you may be worried about dirt.

But don't worry! Dr. relief is washable!

If you wash it regularly, you can use it like a new one!

[* Please wash by hand as much as possible.]

Dr. relief has researched many decompression products such as cushions and pillows.

This time, I hope you can release your stress from your daily life.

I put a cushion between the belt and the shoulder of the bag so that you can release your heavy luggage.

I would like to continue to focus on decompression products.

Q: Is there a warranty period?

A: It will be one year after arrival.

Q: I lost the inflator, what should I do?

A: If you contact us, you can purchase it at an extra cost.

Q: For the backpack, would I buy two?

A: That's right. Please support "DOUBLE DISCOUNT" or one plan more than once.


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