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*16:00JST Shouta Etsu child:in 2019 looking back【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter of private investors Shouta Etsu child [who blogs”about this FX diary~FX in the household to clear~”]is writing your comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.

※In 2019, 12 month 27 days 17 when writing

Trading was the Australian dollar and the pound

Early in 2019, and also with the end of the year…… why This year the market size of the material, I think of the US-China trade talks and the UK leaving the EU was. These reports are made, the pounds movement, Australian dollar is moving and,once moving, if you traders all the effort worthwhile to the movement as well.
Here, the”US-China trade problem, why does the Australian dollar move so much.” And I, for, once again, for your commentary-we hope you love it.
The Australian dollar, China’s alternative currency called. China and economic ties are strong, so the information on the stock prices movement and how to move from say, China stock, China A50 Index is large under it,the original is sold in dollars yuan to rise, the Australian dollar is selling them. China stock, China A50 Index in the event of a sharp rise in the yuan, has bought dollars yuan is falling, the Australian dollar is buying it. The Australian dollar, the Chinese yuan and the China A50 stock index movement shows that,risk aversion, and risk appetite of the movement direction is almost identical. So, the US-China trade issue was reported if the transaction currency is the Australian dollar watched. The Australian dollar when trading, China stock, China A50 Index and the dollar yuan, to observe the movements of the forecast is very up in. This year, these materials, with the Australian dollar in profit is very quite well.

Oceania currency and speaking, the Australian dollar and another thing,the NZ dollar is. The NZ dollar also, regarding the chart, daily observation can feel this,”the NZ dollar is running well”, and so on.
Traders web companies provide on the first G10 currency fluctuations[against the yen] For 12 month 4 days, according to data from the yen, trading volume, and is the number 1 NZ dollar, the No. 2 Swiss francs, 3rd place is the Australian dollar,the 4-position Euro,5th place is the Denmark Krone, ranked # 6 pound,7-position is—Krone, No. 8 Swedish Krona,the 9-position of the dollar, 10th is the Canadian dollar as well. NZ dollar and the Australian dollar ranked in the top 3 to the volume of transactions as a surprise, but the NZ dollar is 1 position to be very surprised. I usually chart observed when, pound, yen, Euro, yen,Australian dollar Japanese yen,NZ dollars, yen,Canadian dollar yen,Swiss franc Japanese yen as the center,the chart is observed, the NZ dollar trading about even,against the yen trading volume, to see the NZ dollar is once again attracting attention as soon as you can. We also observe, that come recommended, or currency one of the.

Coverage of the importance and technical

FX for you when you start,our first, the indicators presented, the indicators published results of been reported, from the quotes of its indicators presented results in response to the movement and learned to do so. The indicators presented in the important things, FOMC,Employment Report,interest rates,unemployment, GDP, consumer price index,manufacturing and services PMI, such as many types of major minutes, and in total more than 60 indicators released each month has been done. However, this year, the indicators presented results, than the UK leaving the EU related reports and,playing President of the US-China trade talks concerning the remarks reported, the key performance indicators presentation of the results reported, the indicators presented in the results is the reaction, not the news content emphasis as the market is moving.
For example, in the UK House of Commons a General election was 11 months 25 days to the UK of several companies by poll, Johnson of the Prime Minister, led by the Conservative Party’s support rate is close to 50% rise was reported as having,quote, the entire risk appetite becomes, pound, yen is significantly increased.
Also, on the same day,the clouds made Strange by the US-China trade talks regarding the China of the ring ball time signal[“people’s daily”series paper]”China and the US is Phase 1 of the agreement is very close [very close]”and reports since the risk appetite of movement and time.
Thus, the quotes, the coverage is large to move around very often. With this awareness,the 2020 is possible, a lot of people,coverage analysis of power wearing can only be experienced at first hand.
Big profit chance to win even more now is your chance to tell us what you think.

Market moves time I am going in the favor of becoming

I trade from the time FX quotes for speaking,”in Europe from the time when most moves well”and it didn’t. But this year, the NY Times and things moving, I had the impression there. This is the EU withdrawal-related, and U.S.-China trade issues of the steep reports, the NY Times reported that many were in there…… These trends 2020 in the same way, and came home from work 19 p.m. from 24 o at the charts you can observe that time of the salaried people,price moves during a trade I there are a lot of chances to do so.

Yen moves during market trade and easy movement to

In 2019, the risk aversion・risk appetite of movement out of risk aversion the movement of many 1 years. The market which is the center of the NY Times of the DJIA and the Nikkei 225 of the movement, quotes the whole of the risk aversion or risk appetite of influence is reflected in the other. Risk aversion,risk appetite has a price, a trade can come and DJIA and Nikkei 225 of movement was also observed please.
Risk aversion and risk appetite of the motion as to distinguish another material, safe assets yen are sold, the yen is being bought or easily can be determined. Yen is being bought, if the risk aversion of the movement, and more. Risk aversion at the time of the Dow and the Nikkei 225 sell them. Yen is sold, if the risk appetite of movement, and more. Risk appetite at the time of the Dow and the Nikkei 225 is buying it.
This knowledge is,to be in bullish trade could material will be great helpful please.

To learn people about the depth to 2019

By 2019, myself included are in-house and consulting, to start learning directly from things very often 1 years. Plenty of guidance was felt in the results of the early people,chart to observe for a long time, and so on.
Trade results chart to observe time linearly.
The chart is good, and to the movement of technical and news factors such as movement pattern, the time is not quite the same. The market is a big move during the movement of the pattern, how many remember that, a trader in profit, that is the number of differences emerge.
On the contrary, the market is not moving at the time of the correspondence, quotes for moving patterns than hard, and that individuals, so the difference out and in……. The market does not move in,”not moving at the time is how you get from” In trade the result is quite different as well, but the market is not moving if the pattern of more remember,the same pattern of motion sometimes,out of the way, but there is no work around at the charts, observe the time is short, the Chart to observe for a long time and just the ability to a difference one. The difference between them to fill in a chart to observe and increase the time there.
This is learning and growing for the first time I realized this.
FOREX trading is never an easy invest in there are no. I move the chart to the other as that is how discipline is needed. Charts of the patterns of movements much to remember, it from can of is himself. Trade is ultimately a fight with yourself and not to thing to come, a lot of people I know can only be experienced at first hand.

This content is keeping it from me and I have a thing.

Shouta the foreign exchange Institute Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Shouta Etsu child《US》

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