Shutdown of "Home Delivery Service" to end at the end of March-Business continues

Ojis Research Institute, a subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., announced on January 14 that its file transfer service "Takae Mail" will end on March 31.

サ ー ビ ス This service was widely used as a file transfer service, but unauthorized access that attacked some server vulnerabilities was discovered, and on January 23, 2019Stop service. 4,815,399 information leaks for free and paid members [name, login e-mail address / password, date of birth, gender, occupation / industry / occupation, name of prefecture where you live, other registered e-mail addresses, etc.] It has been confirmed.

The company says that it has been examining the continuation of services and improving convenience while confirming detailed causes and damages, strengthening security. However, in order to provide a reliable service in the future, considerable system restructuring is necessary, and as a result of comprehensive judgment based on the time and cost required for it, the service was terminated. .

Also, even when the service is stopped, you can check the password registered on the home flight, accept the cancellation application, use the point exchange function of the home flight, etc.Special siteHas been launched since April 8, 2019, but will also close on March 31.

Furthermore, the business “office home service” is operated using a different system, and it has been confirmed that its safety has been confirmed.

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