SIE, asymmetric multiplayer game for PS4 with the theme of the world of the movie "Predator"

Sony Interactive Entertainment [SIE] is the PS4 softwarePredator: Hunting Grounds"Will be released on April 24. The price is 4900 yen [tax not included] for the Blu-ray Disc version, and 5390 yen [tax included] for the download version.

作 This is an online asymmetric multiplayer action / shooting game in which the battle between Predator and humanity takes place in the interior of the jungle with the theme of the world view of the movie “Predator”.

Players have an elite team of four-player teams: choose to play as a member of the fire team or play as a predator. If you play as a fire team, complete a given military mission before being defeated by the predator and escape safely or defeat Predator to win, and if you play as a predator, win by hunting out the fire team Becomes It is said that you can enjoy a completely different experience depending on which side you choose to play.

In the download version, the digital deluxe edition is also released on the same day, and the price is 7590 yen [tax included]. In addition to in-game items such as skins to make the game more enjoyable, limited contents such as digital comics of all five episodes depicting humans rising to counterattack the predator and digital mini art books are included. In addition, the package version of the early purchase award and the download version of the pre-order bonus include the '87 Predator skin 'and' Old Painless' minigun early unlock which can be used in the game. There is an original avatar pack and a pre-order dynamic theme for PS4.

Since the title is exclusively for online multiplayer, you need an Internet connection and a PlayStation Plus subscription [pay] to play the game. In addition, CERO is "Z" [only for 18 years old or older].

[C] Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Developed by IllFonic, LLC.

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