SIE launches Dreams Universe, a game creative platform for PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment [SIE] is the PS4 softwareDreams Universe"[Dream's Universe] was released on February 14. The price is 4900 yen [tax not included] for the Blu-ray Disc version, and 5390 yen [tax included] for the download version.

作 This game is a game creative platform that allows you to freely create various contents including games, characters and music. You can also play and enjoy the work shared by other players, edit it and use it in your own work. Interaction with the Dreams Universe community is one of the attractions.

ス ト ー リ ー A story mode "Art Dream" is added to the product version. It's an interactive, cinematic musical story that shows examples of what you can create with Dreams Universe.

ロ ン Launch Launch Trailer released. It introduces the content created using this work, and was created by Media Molecule [Mm], the developer of this work, and the users of the Early Access Edition.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w9j_55B0eE [/ embed]

デ ジ タ ル The digital art book and soundtrack of this work will be distributed from February 14 to Sunday, May 31, as a benefit for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. In addition, from February 15, a storefront experience party will also be held. See PS.Blog on February 14 for detailsPublishedHave been.

[C] 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Developed by Media Molecule.

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