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Sigma “14-24mm F2.8 DG DN” review Super wide-angle zoom that enhances mirrorless mobility

The SIGMA fp L-mount mirrorless camera released by Sigma in 2019, the overwhelmingly small and lightweight body and the unique square form as a machine with a full size sensor attracted the attention of photographers and made a long hit Continue.

Following the fp hit, L-mount interchangeable lenses are appearing one after another. This time, I tried combining Sigma's ultra-wide-angle zoom lens "14-24mm F2.8 DG DN" with enhanced delineation performance as a mirrorless camera dedicated design. Even when mounted on a compact fp, the feeling of size was surprisingly good, and it was a very sharp image like Sigma.

  • Super wide-angle zoom lens "14-24mm F2.8 DG DN" attached to SIGMA's L mount mirrorless "SIGMA fp". Actual sales price is around 140,000 yen including tax

A feeling of size that overturns the common sense of "big and heavy super wide angle zoom"

The 14-24mm F2.8 large-diameter ultra-wide-angle zoom lens is indispensable for modern zoom-based lens configurations. The angle of view and brightness that reliably captures a vast area in any situation are required in many fields, such as snapshots, landscapes, and sports.

However, super wide-angle zoom lenses for single-lens reflex cameras that have emerged from various companies so far have a huge and curved front lens like “ eyeballs '', and there is considerable weight and high portability It was just something I couldn't say.

This is where the 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN comes in. It was said that when switching from single-lens reflex cameras to mirrorless cameras, especially wide-angle lenses are likely to benefit from miniaturization and weight reduction, but this is a model lens that firmly takes shape. When you get it, everyone should be surprised, "Is this a 14-24mm? F2.8 !?" The weight is 795g, the total length and the maximum diameter are also suppressed, and it does not feel so uncomfortable when attached to fp. It's that small lens.

  • Compared to the maker's genuine SLR ultra-wide-angle zoom, the design is very compact

There is no shortage in optical design even if it is small and light. The depiction is very detailed and has the ability to reliably resolve any subject. From 14mm wide end to 24mm tele end, satisfactory images were obtained from the center of the screen to the four corners. Thanks to SIGMA's unique "nanoporous coating", ghost and flare are suppressed while providing a clear and pleasant drop feeling.

As for operability, the lens barrel is equipped with an "AFL button" and various functions can be assigned. The rear lens of the lens is equipped with a rear filter holder, and various filters can be used even though it is an ultra wide angle lens.

It can be said that this is a new generation of ultra-wide-angle zoom lens that maximizes the attractiveness of a full-size mirrorless camera with a compact and lightweight body.

  • Shot at 14mm wide end. Rich details from highlights to shadows, and straight lines without distortion are pleasing. This lens is perfect for experiencing the real thrill of an ultra-wide-angle lens

  • I zoomed to the 24mm telephoto end and released the fp shutter at the same location. A clear impression is good impression. This lens, which can cover from ultra wide angle to wide angle, can be said to be an indispensable one in the lens system configuration

  • Lightweight and compact, the handling is really good, and it is easy to use in combination with fp. You can hold the camera vertically or horizontally without any problems. I felt that the "AFL button" provided on the lens side was also easy to use

  • The stunning straight line description and high-contrast image are truly Sigma-like. I shot the Tokaido Shinkansen running through the bridge in the fp color mode “ Teal and Orange '', but I can not say the unique color and the way the sky falls

  • I attached it to the fp and took pictures of various places, but thanks to its lightness, I was not tired. At first, I was confused by the gap between the size of the conventional 14-24mm lens that I remember. However, after a short while, it was completely familiar

  • Photographs of Odawara's old-fashioned cafe. The perspective, the bokeh and the "teal and orange" color make for a wonderful harmony. He / she produced the atmosphere of the shop without fail, and even more moody.

  • I turned my camera to the sea and sky where the sun went down and showed beautiful gradation. I was amazed at the continuity from the slightly remaining highlights to the darkness of the beach and the silky expression of the foam of the waves. With this wide feeling, this brightness is likely to be one that fp users want to get

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