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Sigma “24-70mm F2.8 DG DN” review. Very satisfied with expressiveness and cospa.

The bright standard zoom lens “24-70mm F2.8 DG DN | Art” designed exclusively for full-size mirrorless, which has long been awaited by users of α7 series and L-mount machines, has appeared from Sigma. Not only is it excellent in depiction performance, but because of the ambitious pricing for this class of large-aperture zooms, there are a lot of reservations before it is released. It has become so popular that Sigma quickly announces shortages due to supply shortages. For illustration and ease of use, I installed it on Sigma's full-size mirrorless “SIGMA fp” and made an impression.

  • Standard zoom lens “24-70mm F2.8 DG DN” for Sigma full size mirrorless. The actual sales price is around 118,000 yen including tax, and a strong shortage continues.

Lighter and cheaper than SLR lenses

Speaking of the standard zoom lens of 24-70mm, it is one that is the core of the interchangeable lens camera. "24-70mm F2.8 DG DN | Art" designed exclusively for mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras has become compact and light in weight.

This time, I took a picture with Sigma's full-size mirrorless “SIGMA fp”, but I was able to confirm a satisfactory depiction in every scene, such as wide end, tele end, and full aperture. Since it is 185g lighter than "24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art" for single-lens reflex cameras, it can fit in a total of 835g when combined with fp. Since it is often used as a main lens, this lightness will be effective when shooting for a long time.

The lens configuration consists of 19 elements in 15 groups, and uses abundant glass materials such as FLD glass, SLD glass, and aspherical lenses, and I felt that high delineation performance was ensured throughout the entire zoom range. The coating also has Sigma's original “Nanoporous Coating”, which says that clear image quality can be obtained even in backlight.

The usability is also a good impression. When carrying a zoom lens, the lens barrel may extend out, but there is no need to worry because this lens has a lock switch. Moreover, the structure can be unlocked by simply rotating the zoom ring.

  • Equipped with a lock switch on the side to prevent the lens from being extended. A new mechanism that can be released by twisting the zoom ring

The AFL button on the side can be assigned various functions in addition to the default AF lock. The lens hood also has a lock, so it won't come off unexpectedly. The lens is dust- and splash-proof and can be used in harsh environments.

I felt that it was a standard zoom lens for a new generation full-size mirrorless camera that had the same image quality, size and weight, price and triple beat.

  • Designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, it is quite lightweight and compact. Even when attached to the world's smallest and lightest full-size mirrorless fp, it feels unbalanced and is easy to use. Attaching the LCD viewfinder “LVF-11” will increase stability. I took a sign on the riverbed, but as you can see, the blur is gentle and smooth [58mm, ISO400, 1/60 seconds, F2.8, -0.3 correction]

  • The evening scene was shot in the fp color mode “Teal and Orange”. It has a beautiful and clear sky, color and gradation. The well-built lens barrel has a high hold feeling, and the AFL button is located at an easy-to-operate position. Various functions are assigned to this button [24mm, ISO100, 1/160 second, F2.8, -1.3 correction]

  • Although this lens is not equipped with a camera shake correction mechanism, the sense of size that can be held securely even at low shutter speeds and the presence of a zoom ring and focus ring with high build quality do not give the photographer anxiety. The lens was lightly put on the left hand and the shutter was gently cut, but the barber floating in the dusk was captured sharply [34mm, ISO320, 1/30 sec, F2.8, -2 correction]

  • The shortest shooting distance is 18cm at the wide end and 38cm at the telephoto end. At the wide end, it is impossible to reach the shortest shooting distance without removing the lens hood. It seems to be active in shooting flowers, flora and fauna, accessories and table photos like this cut [70 mm, ISO 100, 1/80 sec, F2.8]

  • Aberrations are suppressed from the wide end to the telephoto end, making it a standard zoom lens that can be used with a full aperture. The straight line is straight and is very pleasant. One with good contrast and drop feeling that you will want to use regularly [24mm, ISO100, 1 / 250sec, F8.0, -0.3 correction]

  • A scooter decorated with a sticker was shot with a choy iris. The glossy metallic feel around the lights and the fine details of the fenders are wonderful. A stable depiction is attractive both when opened and squeezed [70mm, ISO100, 1/250 seconds, F5.6]

  • The bokeh is very elegant and beautiful. I focused on the swing metal fittings with the aperture open, but I liked the “Bokeh” that melts into the space dimly. This gentle image is suitable for portrait photography [70mm, ISO100, 1 / 200s, F2.8, -1 correction]

  • Designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, it provides high image quality flat from the center to the periphery of the screen. Every detail on the screen, from dead leaves to the details of the lawn, is captured firmly. It can be said that it is a milestone lens of a standard zoom lens for full size mirrorless that combines light weight compactness with high image quality [24mm, ISO100, 1/500 seconds, F8.0, -1 correction]

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