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Sigma “35mm F1.2 DG DN” review The depiction of resolution and blur is a masterpiece

Large-aperture lenses with small F-numbers are gaining popularity for interchangeable lens cameras such as full-size mirrorless cameras. Not only is it possible to capture beautiful images without increasing sensitivity even in dimly lit scenes, but the expression of bokeh will be large and impressive. F1.4 is the standard for 35mm class wide-angle lenses, but the mirrorless lens “ 35mm F1.2 DG DN '' released by Sigma has attracted much attention for its brighter F1.2. . A Mitsui photographer attached to the L-mount full-size mirrorless "SIGMA fp" and checked his ability.

  • Sigma's mirrorless lens "35mm F1.2 DG DN". Two types are prepared for E mount and L mount. The actual selling price is around 150,000 yen including tax [+ 10% point]

The lens itself is heavy and weighs over 1kg!

Sigma's "35mm F1.2 DG DN" is a large aperture lens with an aperture of F1.2, which is slightly brighter than the standard aperture of F1.4. The open F1.2 lens is the first motivation for Sigma. As can be seen from the name of "DG DN", it is designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, and it is said that sharp images can be obtained from the open aperture.

The looks follow the trend of Sigma's design trend "SGV [Sigma Global Vision]". I felt that the solid and cool impression matched when combined with fp.

  • A lens with a filter diameter of 82 mm and a weight of about 1,090 g, with a brightness of F1.2, an imposing size

In contrast to the world's smallest and lightest fp with a full-size mirrorless lens, this lens has a very voluminous finish. The filter diameter is 82mm, the total length is 136.2mm, and the weight is 1,090g, which is comparable to a large-diameter zoom lens. When attached to the fp, I felt that it was well balanced and easy to use when used with the separately sold LCD viewfinder "LVF-11".

We are satisfied with depiction performance and three-dimensional impression usable from full aperture

The lens configuration consists of 17 elements in 12 groups, with three SLD glass elements and three aspherical lenses including a double-sided aspherical lens. It is said that the lens was designed to be high-definition by effectively using the in-camera correction function for distortion aberration and vignetting, after having made an optical design specifically for mirrorless cameras with a short flange back. With a dust-proof and drip-proof mechanism that can withstand use in harsh environments, and a water-repellent and anti-fouling coating on the front of the lens, it can be used outdoors with confidence.

I also felt that the image has sharpness that can be used with confidence from the maximum aperture. With an aperture of F1.2, the focus is extremely thin, but the AF performance of fp is excellent, and I could use it with the aperture open. Because it is full size, the bokeh when opened is large and rich, and it gives viewers the full sense of depth and three-dimensionality. Of course, if you stop down a little, the sharpness and contrast will improve dramatically, and you will see a sharp description.

It is a fun lens to think about how to create a picture with a universal angle of view of 35mm with the brightness and bokeh of F1.2. If you want to shoot a special work with L mount and E mount, you should try it once.

  • This lens has a very strong presence, and when attached to the fp, it feels better to use the LCD viewfinder together to improve the weight balance. I took a picture of a stool that was slightly squeezed and left alone, but the texture of the seat surface and the rust condition of the shutter reflected in the background are well conveyed [ISO 100, 1/80 sec, F3.5, -0.7 correction]

  • Although it is a very large and heavy lens, the autofocus response is reasonably fast. I took a quick picture of the railroad crossing where the freight train passes, but it focused on the image. You can enjoy natural snaps with a special perspective of 35mm without habit [ISO 100, 1/100 second, F4.0, -1.3 correction]

  • The biggest attraction of this lens is the brightness of "F1.2". This F value is useful not only for scenes with low light levels but also for blurring the background. I photographed the abandoned bicycle along the canal, but it emerged firmly from the background despite the wide-angle lens. I was surprised that it was possible to distinguish even the sticker that was affixed with a sharp image while opening [ISO 250, 1/40 second, F1.2, -1.7 correction]

  • Focused on neon shops along the canal. The delicate depiction of the clear neon tube and the clear sense of dropping are nothing to say. The aperture ring, which has excellent controllability, is really fun to play with your left hand [ISO100, 1 / 125s, F1.2, -1.7 correction]

  • The plants that grow in the pond made of spring water are shot with the aperture open. Even with F1.2, I was surprised at the sense of detail. The beautiful harmony of the dead leaves floating on the water surface and the blurred trees reflected there! [ISO100, 1/100 second, F1.2, -0.7 correction]

  • Upload a shrine "Suzuo" for shrine worshipers to ring bells. The shortest shooting distance was as short as 30cm, so the aperture of F1.2 was fully opened and the details of the seasoned bunch net were wonderfully captured. The background blur is also smooth and rich, matching the fp color mode "Teal and Orange" and bringing depth to the screen [ISO 100, 1/250 sec, F1.2, -1.7 correction]

  • It feels really fun to use it at full aperture. It seems to be addicted to painting with natural and continuous bokeh and low peripheral light. The slightly crisp color paste is also compatible with the fp color mode "Teal and Orange", and the picture is sharp [ISO 100, 1/8000 sec, F1.2, -1 correction]

  • Ferns growing in the spring water of the Kokubunji Cliff Line were taken close-up with an aperture of F1.2. The beautifully blurred background jumps into your eyes through the LCD viewfinder "LVF-11". The fineness that can be confirmed up to the veins and the elegant bokeh that lives there are irresistible [ISO 100, 1/1250 sec, F1.2, -0.7 correction]

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