Silver Line, plunging 31 million 5000 shares of off-floor sell to conduct,1st quarter operating income of 2. 5% decrease/emerging markets snapshot

*14:02JST <9262> Silver Line 2774 -366
The plunge. 20 years 7 1st quarter[19 years 8-10 on]of the operating income year on year 2. 5% to 1. 97 billion yen and announced. Manufacturing Frozen Lunches the direct sales increase the awareness of the aggressive ad campaign was performed from SG & A to net sales ratio rose. Full-year forecasts Year 11. 8%, an increase of 9. 90 billion yen in deferred for. A Progress Rate of 19. 9%. Also, the TSE under the main rules market to market change application for approval form to fulfill the requirements for 31 million 5000 shares of off-floor sell to 18-20 days to implement that. 《US》

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