Single Nobucobu Takashi Yoshimura "I met a person after a long time"

The comedy duo, Heisei Nobushi Kobushi attended the Looop Denki "Re-Energy Don Don Wari" presentation conference in Tokyo on the 22nd. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the presentation was delivered online without a staff member.

"Renewable Dondon Wari" is a service limited to Hokkaido, where electricity is generated using renewable energy such as wind power and solar power, and the price goes down every year.

Heisei Nobushi Kobushi keeps a social distance and appears more than 2 meters away. Takashi Yoshimura [39], a single person who refrains from going out and stays at home, looked around at the venue where only the parties concerned gathered and said, “I met a person after a long time. Yoshimura was alive. It's unbelievable to hold a recital in Japan, and I'm happy to be in front of people. " Kenta Tokui [39], his companion, said, "I was surprised."

As for how to live at home while refraining from self-care, Tokui says, "I will watch YouTube." Yoshimura said, "Once I get up, I change my clothes and switch on properly. I'm watching the movie'Star Wars' series in chronological order, but now that I'm out of sight, I'm now saying" Ooka Echizen 』I am watching. The historical drama is interesting".

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