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Single operation is possible with Android 5.1. High-luminance 4000 lumen, up to 300-inch small full HD projector "Q3"-Engadget Japan edition

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Lightweight yet capable of projecting up to 300 inches and high brightness of 4,000 lumens!
Ultra-compact full high-definition projector “Q3”

The ultra-compact full high-definition projector Q3 has powerful performance that you can't imagine from a small body placed on the palm of your hand. Easy to carry, wireless connection compatible, 4000mAh high-capacity battery installed, you can use anywhere.
Share games and videos with family members. For outdoor screenings with large groups. Of course it is very active in the business scene.
The way to enjoy video is endless.

The biggest point of Q3 is the compact size that overturns the image of a conventional “big and heavy” projector. With a width of 102 mm, height of 127 mm, and thickness of 24 mm, you can put it on your palm! Weight is as light as 348g, so it doesn't bother carrying around. We play an active part in various scenes including outside presentation and outdoor activity.

Q3 is capable of projecting large screens up to 300 inches. (A projection distance of 7.8m is required.) Small screen level of a movie theater! You can enjoy powerful images.

Q3 is full high-definition image quality (1920x1080p). The difference is obvious compared to the HD image quality (1280x720p) often seen in home projectors. Fine text is clearly displayed, and beautiful images are displayed on a large screen. In addition, the number of color reproduction is 16.77 million colors! It can be recognized by human eyes as 7 to 10 million colors. Smooth gradation and colorful images are faithfully reproduced.

Home projectors are designed for projection in a dark room, so most of them are 1000-2000 lumens, and the brightness is low. Q3 is extremely bright with a maximum brightness of 4000 lumens, and can be used in daytime and bright conference rooms. It can be used without being influenced by the environment. In addition, since the difference between high contrast and light and dark is large, you can enjoy clear and clear images.

Adopted a touch panel that anyone can operate intuitively. The large panel provides excellent visibility.

Q3 has a left / right / upper / lower trapezoidal correction function of up to 30 degrees. Unlike conventional projectors, there is no need to place the main unit in front of the screen. Automatically displays video without distortion.
Also equipped with a focus function. Difficult screen adjustment is unnecessary! Anyone can enjoy clear images easily.

Q3 has a built-in speaker. Video and audio can be played back with this single unit. With Hi-Fi stereo speakers, you can enjoy three-dimensional and realistic sound.

Equipped with 4000mAh large capacity battery. It is possible to play continuously for 1 hour and 30 minutes on a full charge.
For example, in the business scene. If it is an external presentation that can be completed in about an hour, there is no need to worry about the power supply. Just take Q3 out of your bag and turn it on. You will be able to start your presentation smartly without looking for an outlet.

Silent design that reduces operating noise to 25db. Even when watching videos before going to bed, you will not feel stress. As a measure of the loudness of the noise, it is generally expressed as "the sound of touching leaves" at 20db and "midnight in the suburbs" at 30db. You may have understood how quiet 25db sounds.

Q3 is compatible with Wi-Fi. Wireless connection eliminates troublesome cable plugging and unplugging. If you are in a communication environment, you can also use a tablet or smartphone with one hand. Share your smartphone screen with mirroring!
It also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Can be used in combination with compatible devices such as game consoles, earphones, and mice.
Equipped with various other input / output terminals. How to use the projector is unlimited.

Equipped with Android 5.1. You can access the Google Play store and install various apps. All-you-can-play games and videos. Of course, WEB browsing is also possible. Enjoy surfing on the big screen.

■ November 15, 2019 Crowdfunding started

■ January 15, 2020 Crowdfunding ends

■ March 2020 Scheduled delivery in Japan

Q: Does the room need to be dark when projecting?

A: Q3 displays images with a brightness of 4000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000: 1, so it can be viewed in the daytime or in a bright room.

Q: Is ceiling suspension possible?

A: It can be suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor. A dedicated tripod is also included.

Q: What is the Android OS version?

A: 5.1.

Q: How long is the projector life?

A: About 30000 hours.

Q: Is there a keystone correction function?

A: Automatic adjustment up to 30 ° up and down and left and right is possible.

Q: Is there a voice control function?

A: Yes, but not in Japanese. (Chinese only)


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