Siri's voice tells the other person's name when the iPhone receives a call

When you receive a call to your iPhone, you need to know the other person's name before you answer. This attitude changes depending on who you call. However, modern wireless earphones are equipped with a call function, so you can answer without looking at the iPhone screen. Although convenient, responding without knowing the name of the other party may be a bet.

Before answering an incoming call, the iPhone has a function that allows you to know the name of the other party without looking at the screen. The iPhone voice assistant "Siri" queries the contact's phone number for the other party's phone number and reads out the owner's name.

Setting is easy. Open the screen in the order of “Settings” → “Phone” → “Voice” and select “Headphones and cars” or “Headphones only”. Note that if you select "Always notify", the name of the person you are calling will be heard from the iPhone built-in speaker when earphones are not connected.

Only the person who has the mobile phone number or landline phone number in the contact app will read the name. If you call from an unregistered number, it will be uniformly read as "unknown caller". Similarly, anonymous calls are treated as “unknown callers”, so even if you receive an incoming call from an acquaintance, you cannot distinguish it from anonymous.

The same applies to incoming calls from SNS call services, but the service name can be read aloud, such as "LINE Audio." In the case of SNS, the person who makes a voice call is basically an acquaintance, so I think that it is possible to respond with more peace of mind than an "unknown caller".

Easy operation procedure explained

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    1 Open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Phone"

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    2 Tap "Voice"

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    3 Select Headphones & Cars or Headphones Only

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