Sister's strongest beautiful girl, Tenmi's “Weekly Shonen Champion” Santa's Other Cuts released

Tomi who belongs to Zeroichi Familia appears on the cover of Weekly Shonen Champion [Akita Shoten] released on Thursday, 12th. The other cut and interview arrived.

Despite its small size of 149cm, Tomi has a well-balanced body and is well-known as the strongest girl of the sister series. In "Weekly Shonen Champion", we photographed gravure on the theme of Christmas.

When asked about his favorite cut, Tomi says, “After all, Santa. Cuts with costumes that can only be worn at this time are special,” he said. I like it … and the rest is a turquoise blue bikini taken in the bath. I wonder if there are too many favorite cuts [laughs]. "

This issue is the second of the 2nd consecutive Zeroichi Festival, and comes with Hikari Kuroki and Tomi's Premium Photo Book that appeared in the last issue as an appendix.

As for the relationship with Hikari Kuroki, he said, “I don't meet very often, but it feels like one time. It ’s strange.” "Isn't this situation a little cute? [Laughs]" reveals the episode, "And again" Zeroichi Festival "like this time Hikari-chan, Zeroichi Familia seniors and juniors I'd be happy if we could do it …! " [The ten taste of the other cutHereFrom]
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