Six-member idol "Piriodo." Three people join to create a new system

The six-person idol group “Piriodo” debuted in September this year performed at the Shinjuku Holiday in Tokyo on the 15th. The origin of the group name is “Period in otaku life.

On this day, Rinka [20] was absent due to poor physical condition, but at the last “Troy, Merai and Mirai”, three members, Rio [18], Hina [16] and Ami [17], joined as new members. Celebrated the birth of a new system together on stage.

The members recalled, “It was hard to move with three more, but it was good to have a sense of unity with power.” Freshness with an average age of 17.4 and cute dance and music are attracting attention and the popularity is on the rise. “The next goal is a one-man live,” she shone.

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