SixTONES Kyomoto, first kiss scene "I want to wait"

On September 27, SixTONES 'Kyomoto Taiga [25], who made his CD debut, announced the production of the leading musical "NEWSIES" [opening May 8, Tokyo Nissei Theater].

Impressive stories of young people selling newspapers in New York. It is said that there is also the first kiss scene with the co-star Saki Princess Miyu. "I have a scene where my lips are robbed. I'm sorry for the fans, but I want you to do it without being shy because it's your first kiss in public." Kyomoto said with a smile, "I'm passive, aren't you? I'm nervous to go from here, but it's an unreliable story, but I want to wait."

The CD debut in the group and the stage of the individual starring overlapped. "It was an important year at the 25th anniversary. It has been 14 years since I entered the Johnny's office, but one year to demonstrate what I accumulated I want to. " He described himself as a "negative character" but said, "I'm going to be the third starring. I'll never be like Hiyoko, so I want to do my best as a reliable chairman."

"New Zealand" was a favorite of Janie Kitagawa, who had died.

Miyuki Saki, Hirohiro Matsuoka, Kishiro Kato, Daimu Kiriya and Ken Matsudaira also took part in the conference.

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