SKE48 Takayanagi Akane "Pure White Legs" Dokiri, Photobook Limited Edition Cover 3 Patterns Lifted

The limited edition cover of SKE48's 2nd photo book “Someday, I Want to Remember” [Kobunsha] released on March 4th by Akane Takayanagi has been released.

The three types released were "Seven Net Limited Cover", "Rakuten Books Limited Cover", and "HMV Limited Cover". The limited cover of Seven Net was shot in a hotel room in Da Nang, a resort in Vietnam. The legs stretched out of the rough knit and make me feel excited. Takayanagi also commented, "I recommend this cover for leg fetish! [Laughs] I'm sure girls like wearing knits in a fleeting manner."

Rakuten Books limited cover shot on the beach in Da Nang. As I said, "Shot taken by a beautiful woman, I was a sunny woman in Vietnam, which was a rainy forecast! [Laughs] The only swimsuit cover is refreshing and my favorite. The cut is overflowing.

The HMV limited cover is shot with a sunset view of Hoi An, a World Heritage city. A fantastic city where countless lanterns emerge in the darkness of darkness at night, creating an emotional atmosphere. Takayanagi also missed the photo, saying, "One of the best dishes in a shop with a nice atmosphere against the setting sun. The mango juice I drank here was delicious." [Cut by coverHereFrom]

Akane Takayanagi has announced that he will graduate from the group this spring. Expectations increase for a book that can be said to be the culmination of 11 years of idol activities.

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