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Skin color correction and pore cover can be done simultaneously! “Pore Putty Artisan @ Color Loose Powder” for a “soft skin”

Makes the skin brighter with a foundation finish or makeup fix!

Face powder that provides color correction and pore cover at the same time from the top-selling pore putty craftsman in the self-base makeup market"Pore Putty Artisan @ Color Loose Powder"Appeared! The color lineup is available in two colors. Natural pink covers dullness and uneven color, and mint green covers redness and acne marks. It is said that if you put it on the foundation, you will be able to cover skin problems and make it soft and beautiful. Immediately verify the usability and finish!

Color type loose powder comes up from pore putty artisan!

The dullness, uneven color, and redness of the skin are not completely concealed just by applying a foundation. Good news for those who have such problems! Self-based make-up market No.1 (* 1) pore putty craftsman has introduced a reassuring face powder that covers both skin concerns and pores at the same time!

(* 1) Domestic base makeup brand store sales amount excluding system products and branded products (pore putty craftsmen 累 cumulative total of all items) January to June 2019 2019 Based on POS data from 5 retail stores.

Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Minato-ku, Tokyo) to be released"Pore Putty Artisan @ Color Loose Powder" (2 colors, suggested retail price 1,200 yen excl. Tax, on February 4, 2020)Is a glad item that gives fluffy skin and ideal skin color just by putting it on the foundation finish. It can also be used to remake.

Available in two colors, 01 (natural pink) corresponds to dullness and uneven color. By using it for finishing, it adds a ruddy feeling. 02 (mint green) corresponds to redness and acne scars. When used for finishing, it adds transparency.

A nice point that it is hard to dry though it is powder. The ceramide, a moisturizing component, coats the powder component, so dryness is not a concern. SPF27 PA ++ has a UV-cut effect, so it's great to protect your skin from UV rays.

In addition, we adopt 4D fitting prescription only in pore putty craftsman series. It features a thin membrane cover and sebum control that hides the pores firmly and is resistant to collapse for a long time. The function that protects the skin from environmental stimuli such as drying and ultraviolet rays is also alive by the skin stress block. It keeps pore-less, fluffy skin all day.

No pores over time! I'm glad that it doesn't dry though it is powder

This time we will try 01 (natural pink) as the main!

The case is pale pink. It comes with a familiar logo. Just the right size for carrying.

After removing the lid, hold down the included puff and turn the case upside down.

The point where the powder is applied to the whole puff is the point to clean it on the skin.

Adjust excess powder by dropping it with the back of your hand.

Gently put on the whole face. The powder feels moist and comfortable. The puffs are moderately thick and easy to use, but using a hand-held brush makes it easier and evener to apply the powder.

Dullness and color unevenness have been corrected, giving a fluffy fluffiness!肌 The finished skin feels soft and feminine.

The pores are covered neatly even when viewed nearby, leaving your skin fluffy!

Let's look at the 02 (mint green) finish.

Redness is corrected and transparency is improved! The pores are also covered naturally.

Both colors naturally covered worries and pores, and kept the skin soft and fluffy all day. I was glad that it was comfortable to wear without worrying about drying over time. It is also recommended for those who want to achieve skin color correction and pore cover at the same time, and those who have shunned that "powder dries out".

"Pore Putty Artisan @ Color Loose Powder" can be purchased from variety shops, drugstores, and official online shops throughout Japan.

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