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Skincare effect every time you use! Joycoco "BB Cushion Foundation" with additive-free virgin coconut oil completes beautiful skin

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Makeup puts a strain on your skin …. "BB Cushion Foundation"!! Using high-quality virgin coconut oil that contains plenty of natural beauty ingredients with a beautiful skin-effect, you can make skin care while applying makeup. It also covers pores, blemishes and redness to give you beautiful skin. I actually tried the power of the all-in-one BB cushion foundation that can do skin color adjustment, UV care, makeup base, and moisturizing all in one!

Contains high quality additive-free virgin coconut oil! Introducing a BB cushion foundation that can be skin-care while applying makeup

Axis Co., Ltd.All-in-one from "JOY.COCO", a virgin coconut oil skincare brand in Tachikawa, Tokyo"BB Cushion Foundation"Is new!

"COCO" of JOY.COCO is "coco" of coconut. A brand that mainly mixes Indonesian virgin coconut oil, which boasts the world's largest coconut production volume, and develops products that make the most of Indonesia's natural beauty, rich natural beauty ingredients, and fragrances.

Joycoco released this time "BB Cushion Foundation" (2 colors, 13g, suggested retail price excluding tax 1,800 yen, on sale)Is a product developed by utilizing the technology and experience of manufacturers who also manufacture famous cosmetic brands in Europe. After two years of trial and error, a high-quality BB cushion foundation was created with the use of virgin coconut oil while maintaining its beauty.

There are many cosmetics containing coconut oil, but "BB Cushion Foundation" uses 100% pure, additive-free high quality V.C.O. (virgin coconut oil).

Virgin coconut oil is an excellent natural beauty ingredient derived from plants! It contains a large amount of ingredients that are highly effective for beautiful skin, and you can do skin care each time you use it, so it is also recommended for people with sensitive skin. It is also effective in preventing acne, boosting skin immunity and aging care. Items that have been made "free" stand out these days, but it seems that this oil was intentionally added because of its high skin care effect.

Make-up in the morning is quicker because one base makeup is completed

"BB Cushion Foundation" is an all-in-one foundation that can apply makeup base + skin color adjustment + sunscreen + moisturizing. After skin care, this is all you need to do the base make-up, so it's also recommended for busy moms and OLs who can't get the makeup done in the morning.

UV cut effect is SPF19 / PA +++. There is little burden on the skin and there is sufficient UV blocking effect in daily life, so you can rest assured! In addition, long lasting specifications prevent oil from floating up, so I'm glad that you can keep the beautiful finish for a long time.

There are two colors. Pink beige is recommended for those who want a more transparent and bright skin, and natural beige is recommended for those who are worried about redness and acne marks because of its covering power.

Smoothly adjusts the complexion to give a semi-matt skin with a natural luster

I tried pink beige this time!

The case comes with a puff and a mirror, so you can easily remake your makeup on the go!

The attached puffs have a low-resilience feel! As it is a material that does not easily get washed off even after washing, it can be washed frequently and is hygienic. By the way, you can use a neutral detergent when washing!

When you press the cushion with your finger, a liquid-shaped foundation will ooze out. It has a fresh and smooth texture with no particular scent.

The low-resilience sponge absorbs the appropriate amount of foundation, so you can rest assured that you will not wear it too much.

Let's put it on your face right away.

When you put the foundation on your skin, it spreads smoothly with a soft feel, and sticks tightly to your skin.

The finish is thin, but the pores, stains and redness that are worrisome are well covered, giving you a smooth and smooth skin!

Compared to bare skin, the skin is brighter. Semi matte finish with a natural luster.

The skin is moisturized and moisturized thanks to virgin coconut oil. I don't care about dryness or powderiness. I am glad that it was hard to break over time and it was hard to collapse. Also, the moisture of the skin continued for a long time, and I was able to really feel the skin care effect. The price is 1,800 yen (excluding tax), and the quality is amazing!

Recommended for those who are new to cushion foundation and those who are not good at it!

Joycoco "BB Cushion Foundation" allows anyone to easily adjust their skin color with a single application to achieve beautiful skin. Not only recommended for those who are uncomfortable with the cushion foundation due to uneven application, makeup stains, and collapse, and those who are new to the cushion foundation, the effect of virgin coconut oil is also recommended for dry skin.

The "BB Cushion Foundation" may be perfect for making a base make-up with a skincare effect early in the morning.

You can buy it from the Joycoco mail order site or some stores such as Don Quijote, Welcia, Chambre, and Ito-Yokado.

In addition, we are currently conducting a "3x purchase points & bonus mochi-mochi puff replacement" campaign for all those who purchased "BB Cushion Foundation" from the Joycoco mail order site! (Period: May 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020) If you are interested, please check it out.

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