Small car jewels | What are many class winners on the circuit and public roads?

For those who are not familiar with small cars, the 1961 Fiat Abarth 1000 Vierbero from Zagato's Recolt Monza body is truly a gem. However, at the Bonams auction held in September 2014 at the Goodwood Revival, the estimated winning bid was £ 90-150,000, but it was not successful.
The bidder may have held back to the need for extensive restoration. This chassis number 987382 spent more than 33 years at the Maranello Rosso Museum. In the past, it had been maintained to participate in historic races, but as with most museum storage vehicles, it needs to be handled mechanically. The engine is rusted around the top of the cylinder liner, the clutch is frayed and makes a terrible noise, and the brake is stuck.

However, the appearance is fair and the background is excellent without complaint. There are numerous class wins on the circuit and on public roads, so if you restore it to the full state, you will be eligible to participate in top class events. I'm sure he will perform as cheerfully as a giant rocket fireworks. The light body like a wing reaches 124mph [about 200km / h]. There is no car that can be happily swung on the circuit as much as 1,000 Bierbero Zagato. Moreover, it is a unique figure that everyone looks back on.

The estimated bid price this time was a very modest 70,000-90,000 pounds, but the actual winning bid was 63,100 pounds. Still, the price of this model is higher.

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