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Bicycle keys, leads for walks, ballpoint pens for courier signs… I want to leave it at the entrance, but the problem is that it gives a feeling of life.

Therefore, we recommend "Tractor Magnetic Wood", a wood grain accessory holder with a built-in strong magnet.

Popular in overseas crowdfunding!

This "tractor magnetic wood" is actually a popular item in overseas cloud funding "Kickstarter".

A strong magnet is built into the wood grain tile, so if it is made of metal, it will stick and will not fall off.

You can see that the remote control is stuck and does not fall because it has a strong magnet built in.

Line up stainless steel knives to create a fashionable space.

At the front door, the storage will be completed instantly.

The technique of sticking ornamental plants is very helpful! I'm expecting you to bring out a special bowl with you.

It's not a difficult mechanism for an accessory holder, but it's very attractive that you can get a sense of fashion just because there are no protrusions such as hooks.

You can choose from 5 colors: walnut, oak, wenge, maple, zeburano, so please choose according to your home interior!

Learn more about Tractor Magnetic Wood →Beautiful wood grain interior accessory holder with a magnet for a stylish interior

The image isFrom CAMPFIRE

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