Smart technology on iPhone to remember you have to do it when you get home

Everyone should have had the experience of telling themselves that they should not forget when they go home. Many people have dealt with the analog way of writing errands to be done after returning home with a pen on the back of the hand so as not to forget it.

The iOS 13 “Reminder” app has a new feature that makes it smarter to remind you that you have to do it when you get home. The function to notify when an iPhone enters a predetermined range (Geo Fence) was also provided in the previous iOS, but this reminder application can use the function of Geo Fence more smartly.

For example, if you want to notify yourself that you want to give your pet when you get home, create a new reminder and enter a notification string that you know like “ Potato rice '', then at the top of the software keyboard Tap the arrow button that appears. Then, several buttons will be displayed, so tap “When you arrive at home”. Then tap the “Done” button to complete the reminder with a geofence near your home.

You may create a reminder with this home as a geofence before leaving home. The geo-fence function of the reminder app starts when you leave the specified range (in this case, around your home), and works when you return to the specified range after a while. It works in the same way not only at home but also at other places such as school and work.

Easy explanation of operation procedures

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    1 When creating a new reminder, tap the "When you arrive at home" that appears when you tap the arrow button

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    2 An icon is added to remind reminders of geofence settings

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    Three Tap the "i" button at the right end of the reminder to check the details of the geofence

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    Four When you enter the set geofence (near home), you will be reminded with such a notification

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